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Putting more care into healthcare.

A pre-care transformation, making for a more productive clinic and happier patients.

The Quedo Patient App & Provider Portal

Focus clinic staff on patient care, not administration.

Reduce non-care time and resources with app-based check-in, forms and HIPAA-compliant chat

Remote Check-In

Pre-care from anywhere! Patients register with a single click. The patient’s profile and insurance is securely transmitted, providing the time-respecting experience patients expect.

In App Forms

Intuitive, easy-to-read consent forms and questionnaires delivered in app. No more clipboards. No more needing help. No more manual re-entry of information.

Provider/Patient Chat

Remove the barrier between patient and care team. HIPAA-compliant messaging eases appointment scheduling, reduces waiting room time and increases care episodes.

Pre-Care Data

The Quedo portal is mission control for patient pre-care. View detailed analytics and centrally manage communications with all patients.

Full EMR Integration

Patient documentation is uploaded directly into EMR platforms, securely, accurately, and without manual transcription.
Simple, intuitive patient app
One-click appointment registration
Secure, private messaging
Detailed clinic efficiency analytics

Quedo provider solution

Reduce non-care time and resources, driving productivity and happier patients

You have awesome clinical staff who love taking care of your patients. Keeping patients waiting on the phone, transcribing forms and administering questionnaires doesn’t make the best use of their time. Quedo technology eases communication and automates patient registration work, focusing the team on patients instead of administration.


Increase clinic efficiency

Quedo provides secure communications for customer service, including scheduling, refill and referral requests, and patient questions.

Increase patient throughput

By significantly reducing non-care clinic time, Quedo gets patients in and out faster, and allows clinicians to spend more time with them.

Increase patient satisfaction

Patients today expect the same seamless omnichannel flexibility they receive in other modern service experiences. Quedo helps you deliver, making your clinic more competitive.

How it Works

About Us

As a practicing physician and clinic administrator, I see firsthand the inefficiencies that happen before patients and doctors meet in the exam room. I know there’s a better way that will make patients happier and clinics more successful. We designed Quedo to be a simple little app that makes a big difference. Healthcare is changing and the future is bright. We are excited to bring that future to you.
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