Your healthcare experience. Reimagined.

Engaging patients. Driving Operational Efficiency. HIPAA compliance done right.

The Quedo Patient App

Skip the line. Stop waiting on hold. Your privacy: respected.

Skip the line

Mobile app check-in = no more waiting in line.

Stop waiting on hold

Open an in-app chat with our call center and we will get to you right away. We know there's nothing more frustrating than waiting on hold.

Your privacy: respected.

We get it. Coming the clinic makes you uncomfortable. Telling a front desk stranger all about you only makes it worse. Our app keeps your private info private. Secure mobile chat gets everything done without ever having to utter a word.

Chat with your care team

In-app chat keeps you in touch with your care team throughout your visit. We will keep you up to date and make the most of your time with us.

Contact-free taken to the next level

Why sit in the waiting room when you can stay in your car? Check-in with the app, chat with your care team and let them tell you when to enter the building. It doesn't get any safer than this.

Quedo for providers

HIPAA compliant mobile chat drives patient engagement in ways you’ve never imagined.

Step 01

Patients love us

With patient acceptance, everything is possible. By delivering to your patients the experience that they deserve, your organization will enjoy increased patient satisfaction and improved operational efficiency while at the same time markedly lowering your expenses.
Step 02

You’ll love us too

Increased patient satisfaction scores
Decreased staffing requirements
Improved privacy = decreased liability
increased patient throughput increases provider productivity
A chat-centric customer service center is up to 400% more efficient than a call based center.
Step 03

An awesome download awaits.

If your clinic is powered by Quedo, we’ll enable an entirely transformational experience that we believe you’ll sincerely appreciate.

About Us

You don’t know us yet, but we are the people who are crazy enough to believe we can actually change healthcare.
We think differently because we see things differently. Where others see roadblocks, we see opportunity. When they say there’s no other way, we know there must be a better way. When they say it can’t be done, we do it. We are doctors. We’ve been patients. We’ve been there. We get it.

That’s because we believe patients deserve better. So we’ve made it our mission to change things. We are tearing down barriers because the status quo never was good enough. Healthcare is ripe for change and the future is bright. We can’t wait to bring that future to you

How it works



Download the mobile app.



Create your patient profile.



Check-in for your appointment.


Contact Us

Open a chat with our help center instead of calling the clinic.



Chat with us for customer service and updates from your care team.